As a financial planner who specializes in the needs of seniors, I focus on enhancing and protecting the lifestyles of my clients. I thoroughly analyze their financial positions, listen closely to their long-term goals, and help develop cost-effective strategies utilizing the most appropriate investments, products, and services available.

Living a rewarding life, retiring with sufficient income to live in dignity and comfort, providing for the educations of your children and grandchildren ensuring that you and your family will not be compromised by misfortune or liability, and leaving a meaningful legacy are all achievable goals. However, they seldom happen by chance.

You're retired, your investments shouldn't be.

There are many issues to consider on the road to your "golden years." How are you going to allocate your assets to maximize their potential? Income is necessary, but so is asset growth - what kind of investments will produce both with minimal risk? A serious illness or accident can devastate your financial future - what is the best vehicle for transferring that risk? An untimely death can leave a family short of cash for bills and taxes - what type of life insurance makes the most sense? You have real estate, business, and stock investments - what is the most efficient way to convert them to income?

As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional with over 20 years experience working with seniors, a Masters of Science degree in Financial Planning, and completion of the Advanced Studies Program, Financial Planning for the Retired, I can simplify these issues and help you create an integrated financial plan. The earlier that you create a plan, carefully execute it and diligently monitor its progress, the better the potential outcome will be. I welcome the opportunity to review your current arrangements. Please call for a complimentary consultation at, toll free, (888) 520-0001.


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